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Employs a world-class team of battery experts

Founded in 2012, ENPOWER develops ultra-high energy density solid-state batteries with customer validation through OEMs and blue-chip electronics companies.

Backed by customers and investors like SoftBank and Sequoia, it has a 2023 commercialization timeline in Drones and a mid-term strategy for the eVTOL and EV market.

Our Technologies

Enpower conducts research and development on next-generation batteries, including Lithium Metal and All-Solid-State Batteries, along with their key materials, in service of a carbonfree future.

Sulfide Materials

  • Solid Electrolyte Materials

  • Focus on Sulfide-based Solid State Electrolytes and Their Precursors

  • Foundational patents on LGPS (superionic conductor) based materials and batteries, licensed from Tokyo Institute of Technology

Lithium Metal Batteries

  • Cell energy density > 500Wh/kg@1100Wh/L, verified by SoftBank Corp. and multiple third-parties

  • Uses proprietary lithium interface technology and novel electrolyte/separator solution to achieve good cycle life and uncompromised safety

All-Solid-State Batteries

  • Lab prototype cells of All-Solid-State Lithium Metal Battery demonstrated superior performance in charge-discharge rates (10C), operating temperature range (-40-100 ℃), cycle life (>1000 cycles)

  • Ah-class pouch cells coming up soon for external testing

Go to Market

  • Fast Go-to-Market strategy through close collaboration and early engagement with customers

  • Solve application-specific issues through Joint Development Agreements with customers

  • Holds a number of JDA contracts. Through A/B/C sample stages, products can be iterated to meet customer requirements

  • Energy and power denser battery solutions without compromising safety, to ensure better driving experience

  • Clean path from Enpower 1.0 to 2.0 for technology and product upgrade-ability for continuous customer experience improvement

  • Provides diverse solutions through a proprietary lithium metal anode, electrolytes and cathode systems

  • High rate, constinuous discharge ≥5C, 10C pulse discharge

  • Energy and power denser battery solutions without compromising safety, to ensure eVTOL longer air cruise and better safety.

  • Higher & safer discharge rate performance, providing higher output power for vertical take-off and landing, improving driving experience and safety

  • Product portfolio includes energy-type and power-type batteries

  • Cell energy density range 370~550 Wh/Kg

  • Flexible production line covers cell capacity range of 3.5Ah - 30Ah

  • Battery product solutions for a variety of drones application scenarios

  • Superionic conductor sulfide-based solid electrolyte with ionic conductivity reaching 1x10-2 S/cm level

  • Enpower promotes development of solid-state battery industry ecosystem

  • Enpower solid electrolyte materials are made available for commercial order

  • Provide high performance Li2S / SnS2 / SiS2 / GeS2 at a competitive price.

  • Global operations (supply chain to scale) enable competitive TCO

  • Reliable & Safe battery technology (Cell) and system solution (BMS+EMS+PCS)

  • Eco-friendly product life cycle management

  • AI enables best use of asset value streams in a dynamic market now and future

  • Turn-key solution with world class engineering and service

I am pleased to see the excellent work of the Enpower and SoftBank team on the development of advanced battery technologies and on applications that contribute to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). My research team is honored to contribute to this worthwhile effort from a fundamental materials science perspective, and I wish the Enpower and SoftBank team every success in this endeavor.
Professor John Goodenough Nobel laureate in Chemistry and “Father of Lithium-Ion Battery”

Latest News

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Enpower Greentech Achieved Breakthrough in Cylindrical Batteries

November 3rd, 2022

Enpower Greentech Inc. has successfully developed a 4095mAh cylindrical battery, delivering industry leading energy densities of 389Wh/kg and 888Wh/L. This development has resulted in a new energy density record in the class of rechargeable 18650 cylindrical batteries.

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Enpower's work was cited by scientific papers

October 5th, 2022

Enpower's work was cited by scientific reports, the article number is 16672(2022). You can see the detail at

The article quoted with “SofBank Corp. & Enpower Greentech Inc. SofBank Corp. Enpower Greentech Successfully Verify 450+ Wh/kg Energy Density Battery and Succeed in Development of Core Technologies for Longer Battery Life. (2021). Accessed June 30 2022.”

Enpower Greentech’s 100Ah lithium metal battery is reported by Digitimes

August 17th, 2022

The exponential demand for batteries worldwide drives technology advancements. As a result, making batteries that hold higher energy density has become the industry's collective aspiration. The US-based Enpower Greentech is reaching the goal with its lithium metal anode-based batteries, aiming to start production in 2023.

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Enpower is covered in Nikkei XTECH and NIKKEI ELECTRONICS

August 1st, 2022

Enpower is covered in articles of Nikkei XTECH (July 19th ,2022) and NIKKEI ELECTRONICS (No.1242, Aug 1st, 2022)

Enpower Greentech develops world’s lightest 100 Ah lithium metal battery

July 10th, 2022
Enpower Greentech Inc. has successfully developed a 100Ah lithium metal battery (LMB), another major step in the commercialization of next-generation batteries for electric vehicles.
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Enpower Greentech raises $35 million to build next-generation batteries

July 7th, 2022
Enpower Greentech Inc. (the holding company of Enpower companies in the US, Japan and China) has raised $20 million in a Series-A+ round led by Sequoia China and Dayone Capital. GAC Capital, BR Capital, Tianqi Capital and Niuli Venture also participated in the financing round. Scheme Capital served as the financial advisor.
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