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Horizon LFP Power

The Horizon Series was designed for our EV, LCV and agricultural partners who demand fast charge and discharge with long range life. Using our patented anodes, we surpass legacy lithium-ion and lithium-iron phosphate batteries delivering energy and power to electric and commercial vehicles.

Swift Si-C Power

The Swift Series by Enpower Greentech incorporates patented anode technology to deliver fast charging and discharging with industry leading energy densities ideal for specialized applications with high power demands such as aerial flight, commercial and industrial drones, eVTOLs and more.

Fleet LMB Energy

The Fleet Series by Enpower Greentech breaks industry records for energy density using our ultra-thin lithium metal anodes, which makes Fleet ideal for specialized applications that demand low mass and high performance.

Roadz and Kosmos

As a result of successive energy breakthroughs and records set, Enpower Greentech will introduce advanced ultra-high energy dense batteries for EV and LCV applications (the Roadz platform) alongside new chemistries for ultra-safe ASSB (All-Solid-State-Batteries) (the Kosmos platform) to provide smarter power for a greener planet.

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Smarter Power for a Greener Planet

Since 2012, Enpower Greentech has pioneered advanced battery breakthroughs. Our early work spanned solar installations using energy storage (both lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries) for residential, commercial and industrial applications in Asia, Europe and the United States of America.

Today we produce record breaking energy dense batteries using our lithium metal anodes and proprietary battery chemistries. From manufacturing and technical centers in the USA, Japan and China we are resolving the battery bottleneck that has hampered green transitions, while demonstrating that solid-state batteries are not so far off.

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Hiring on our Michigan Campus

October 27th, 2023

Current career openings for new team members to join our Ann Arbor, Detroit MI team posted to LinkedIn. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Batteries for the Green Energy Transition

October 11th, 2023

View our new product announcement as we detail our full production launch of the 35Ah Swift Battery and 6s Swift Battery Packs. This is just one of our energy-dense, high-power batteries that will power industrial and commercial drones, electric motorcycles, aerial crafts and more.

Learn also about our Ann Arbor, MI campus buildout with LFP and LMFP prismatic cells coming in 2024 for EVs and commercial electric vehicles.

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USA Battery Development & Manufacturing Updates

September 27th, 2023

Dr. Henry Mao discussing Enpower Greentech’s progress.

An Interview with The Coretech Group
Dated: Wednesday 27 Sep, 2023

1) What batteries is Enpower Greentech working on now?
2) With Enpower Greentech’s global presence how is that helpful in your development process?
3) Any closing comments?

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A Major Breakthrough for All-Solid-State Batteries

August 30th, 2023

Enpower Greentech successfully demonstrates a lithium metal all-solid-state battery with 300Wh/kg specific energy density, targeting mass production in 2026.

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We Remember Dr. John B. Goodenough, Professor at University of Texas, Austin

June 30th, 2023

A Tribute to Dr. John B. Goodenough

Dr. John Bannister Goodenough (born July 25, 1922) was in his own words a “Witness to Grace.” We lovingly remember the “laughing laureate” Nobel Prize winning chemist as both Professor, mentor, and friend.  

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Featured in Nikkei

May 15th, 2023

Posted in Nikkei #nikkei #japan #lithiumbatteries

"Japanese subsidiary to the USA: Enpower Greentech (EGI), Japan (Minato, Tokyo) will commence factory operations in Yokohama City for lithium metal batteries that are 50% lighter than conventional batteries in the fall of 2023. #greentech ...

Article translated from Nikkei by Sunta Toya.

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