Japanese Drone Trends and Battery Demand

Download PDF June 14th, 2024

This year, June 5-7, 2024, highlighted the growing excitement in Japan's drone market with over 300 exhibitors (25% YoY growth) with record visitors to Makuhari Messe.

Enpower Greentech at Japan Drone Show 2024

Japan has primarily applied drones for surveying and inspection purposes, yet as the market continues to expand, the development of medium to large drones such as VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) models progress in new market sectors. Japan 2024’s interest in emergent VTOL technologies seek to fortify sectors such as agriculture and logistics which suffer labor shortages. Consequently, the demand for diverse battery solutions follows with evolving market demand and supplier response.

Enpower Japan, a leading battery solution provider, has monitored shifting battery demands over recent exhibitions, including Japan Drone 2024, to recognize that manufacturer demand varies greatly per the application. For example, survey and inspection drones are dominated by small aircrafts which require compact and lightweight batteries for increased maneuverability. In contrast, medium to large drones, such as those used in agriculture and logistics, prioritize energy dense batteries with high power output to transport heavier payloads over greater distances.

In response to these trends, Enpower Japan promotes their lightweight and energy dense batteries which are suited to the large drone and eVTOL market segments. With increasing drone use for survey and inspection, Japanese demand for both pouch and cylindrical cell types produced at Enpower Japan's Yokohama Technical Center is forecasted to experience a significant rise in demand.

Enpower Japan is currently engaged with companies discussing specific battery needs and challenges. Many attended Japan Drone 2024 anticipating new battery products and services from manufacturers such as Enpower Japan. To meet this growing demand, Enpower Japan has committed resources to accelerate research and development efforts to produce batteries that will fulfill battery demands in the Japanese drone market.


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