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"Japanese subsidiary to the USA: Enpower Greentech (EGI), Japan (Minato, Tokyo) will commence factory operations in Yokohama City for lithium metal batteries that are 50% lighter than conventional batteries in the fall of 2023. #greentech

According to EGI, this will be the first full-scale mass production plant in Japan. In addition to producing products for drones, Softbank will also consider production for local ENPOWER 18444 cylindrical lithium metal batteries. #lithiummetal

Lithium metal batteries are widely used in smartphones and electric vehicles (EVs). These lithium-ion batteries have two electrodes, the negative electrode is replaced by lithium metal instead of graphite, which brings it to half the weight of a lithium-ion battery. #lithiumion

Enpower will invest up to 3 billion yen with annual production capacity of 10 MWh, equivalent to about 40,000 delivery drones. #drones

Sample shipments will begin in November mainly for domestic drone manufacturers. In Japan, in December 2010, the ban was lifted on “Level 4,” while demand for delivery drones is expected to increase. #dronetechnology

Ordinary battery powered drones fly about 20 kilometers. It is necessary to increase the battery capacity with EGI cells and reduce the weight of the airframe. Lithium metal batteries could extend the flight range to 30-40 kilometers. #lithiumbatteries

We believe there will be demand for drones that emphasize range. Enpower is also jointly developing batteries for HAPS Mobile, a flying base station, with SoftBank. SoftBank has built a solar-powered base station that fly for several months. #haps

The goal is to deploy HAPS in the stratosphere at an altitude of 20 kilometers. At the beginning of 2011, in the United States, lithium metal batteries made by Enpower were put into a balloon and flown into the stratosphere. They could be used in severe environments of low temperature and low pressure. #5gtechnology

Enpower will introduce rectangular “pouch-shaped cells” at its new plant as well. SoftBank said, “In order to ensure a stable supply of batteries to HAPS... and Enpower is a strong candidate. #softbank

Article translated from Nikkei by Sunta Toya.

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