A New EV Battery with 73% Greater Range

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A New EV Battery with 73% Greater Range.

This semi-solid-state, A-Sample, battery by Enpower Greentech was recently installed and tested in an American electric vehicle.

The A-Sample battery pack pictured below was designed by Enpower Greentech for a class-1 commercial EV customer. The module utilized Enpower Greentech’s energy dense semi-solid state “Swift” batteries. The “Swift” battery contains less liquid electrolyte, making it a safer and lighter chemistry choice for e-mobility when compared to other lithium-ion batteries commonly found in use today.

“Range anxiety is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. We know that our EV partners need their vehicles to stay on the road longer with cargo fleets that reach final destinations every time. This is why, safety and energy density are the dual-driving forces that push our R&D teams forward,” said Dr. Yong Che, CTO and Co-founder at Enpower Greentech.

* The 72kWh Swift EV pack pictured above.

The 72kWh Swift EV pack was delivered to Ann Arbor, MI in December 2023. The class-1 EV in focus had previously utilized other commonly used batteries for a 110-mile estimated range. The Swift EV pack increased that estimate to 190-miles under the same dimensional constraint while passing multiple tests that will lead to B-Samples. The Swift battery has been in full commercial production since early November 2023.

Dr. Yong continued, “Commercial and passenger EV companies can increase vehicle range significantly, as the Swift platform has shown. We are excited about this promising solution for electric vehicles. A 73% range boost should encourage OEM manufacturers to consider how they can provide an energy/safety matrix to their end-users and help speed the adoption of e-mobility.”

Enpower Greentech, Inc. is a global leader in solid-state battery development and commercialization with American-Made batteries and packs to be manufactured in Ann Arbor, Michigan in late 2024. They produce many advanced batteries for e-mobility companies and OEM partners. Their American manufacturing is committed to meet all Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) requirements for US partners.


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