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June 30th, 2023





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May 15th, 2023

Featured in Nikkei

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"Japanese subsidiary to the USA: Enpower Greentech (EGI), Japan (Minato, Tokyo) will commence factory operations in Yokohama City for lithium metal batteries that are 50% lighter than conventional batteries in the fall of 2023. #greentech ...

Article translated from Nikkei by Sunta Toya.

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October 5th, 2022

Enpower Greentech's work was cited by scientific papers

Enpower Greentech's work was cited by scientific reports, the article number is 16672(2022). You can see the detail at

The article quoted with “SofBank Corp. & Enpower Greentech Inc. SofBank Corp. Enpower Greentech Successfully Verify 450+ Wh/kg Energy Density Battery and Succeed in Development of Core Technologies for Longer Battery Life. (2021). Accessed June 30 2022.”

August 17th, 2022

Enpower Greentech’s 100Ah lithium metal battery is reported by Digitimes

The exponential demand for batteries worldwide drives technology advancements. As a result, making batteries that hold higher energy density has become the industry's collective aspiration. The US-based Enpower Greentech is reaching the goal with its lithium metal anode-based batteries, aiming to start production in 2023.

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August 1st, 2022

Enpower Greentech is covered in Nikkei XTECH and NIKKEI ELECTRONICS

Enpower is covered in articles of Nikkei XTECH (July 19th ,2022) and NIKKEI ELECTRONICS (No.1242, Aug 1st, 2022)

July 7th, 2022

Enpower Greentech raises $35 million to build next-generation batteries

Enpower Greentech Inc. (the holding company of Enpower companies in the US, Japan and China) has raised $20 million in a Series-A+ round led by Sequoia China and Dayone Capital. GAC Capital, BR Capital, Tianqi Capital and Niuli Venture also participated in the financing round. Scheme Capital served as the financial advisor.

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